Raw honeycomb

Raw honeycomb is as close as you will come to reaching into a beehive and harvesting honey yourself. We load up our predesigned honeycomb frames into our hives and once they are full and capped, they are now ready for your plate with little mess, each square is in a clear plastic box that shows off the beauty of the honeycomb.

Our supply of honeycomb comes from only our apiaries located in Victoria.

All our honeycomb is medium sweet with a pleasant floral flavour.

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Serving Suggestions

The easiest way to enjoy raw honeycomb is to cut off a small piece and pop it in your mouth. Bite down and feel the honey ooze out. Keep chewing the wax until the flavour is gone. Then spit out the beeswax.

It also makes a great presentation on a charcuterie board. To serve, slice off very thin pieces and place them on a piece of bread, or a slice of cheese or fruit. One of our favourites is to spread some plain goat cheese (chevre) on a slice of baguette and then top off with a thin slice of honeycomb. When the thin slices of honeycomb are served this way on bread, fruit or cheese, you can chew and swallow all of it.