Nucleus beehive 5 -7 frame 

Our 5 or 7 Frame Honeybee Nucs are the perfect way to get started with beekeeping or to expand your apiary.

Advantages of a 5 or 7 frame nucleus hive is:

  • The workers and drones are already familiar with the queen
  • The colony has bees at all stages of life
  • The nuc comes complete with honey and pollen, which is important to the colony’s establishment
  • The colony is productive and can start foraging almost immediately
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What you will get:

  • full size wooden Langstroth frames in a Hive doctor nucleus box
  • frames with eggs / capped / uncapped brood at all stages
  • frames of honey and pollen
  • 1 x mated & marked Italian queen (first generation) bred buy us
  • 7000 – 10,000 of bees
  • We also make sure the bees you get are healthy and free of disease 

Please Note

You can pick up your bees or we can deliver them to you (personally) as we do not ship nucleus beehives filled with bees via post!

We do offer installation services for your bees with some training provided, costs start from $250 and depending on your area we have to travel 

Please get in touch with us prior to purchase so we can work out a package deal for you

To keep bees, you need to register with the Department of Primary Industries, it is free to register for under 5 hives.