Raw honey

Our Raw Honey is collected straight from our hives its unpasteurised, unprocessed and packed full of all the natural goodness raw honey has to offer!

Our honey is produced and extracted at a very low temperature to retain the maximum level of live enzymes, nutrients, vitamins and minerals found naturally in honey.

Due to the natural state, this honey may candy over time, place jar in warm water or out in the sun to liquefy again.

We hope you enjoy your honey as much as we do!

Raw Creamed Honey 

After collecting and straining raw honey from the hive, we place it in a honey creamer. A honey creamer is essentially a big tank with an auger that spins liquid honey periodically over a few days. Honey naturally wants to crystallize in the tank but by stirring it we interfere with the crystallization process.

This allows us to control the size of the crystals. The smaller the crystal, the smoother and creamier the honey. Creamed honey has a smooth, sumptuous texture that is perfect as a spread but preserves the goodness of raw honey.