Newly Mated Italian Queen x 1


Our Italian Queens have been open mated in our Apiary From our best chosen stock to provide:

– excellent hygienic behaviour
– docile temperament
– excellent foraging for honey or pollen production.
– superb comb builders.
  lower swarming tendency

Our Queens are never banked.
All Queens will be marked for the current year

All queens will be shipped via express post with tracking  to ensure  healthy and Live bees  so you will know when to expect her. She will come in a queen cage, escorted by a few worker bees. This cage is designed to both keep her calm and cool in transit and to help slowly introduce her to your colony of bees.
we can post to most Australian states (excluding WA and TAS)

Available on backorder

Available on backorder

Introduction Instructions:

The queen(s) that you will receive are in a combination shipping and introduction cage. There is no need to remove the worker bee attendants. This cage provides food (white sugar candy) during shipment which also acts as a “timed-release” barrier for your hive bees to eat through, allowing several days of pheromone adjustment.

The hive that is receive the queen must not have a queen or queen cells already present. Ideally, the hive should be queen less for at least 24 hours prior to introduction. Be sure to cut down any queen cells that may have developed.

The cage should be placed in the middle of the brood nest (if no brood is present, place it in the middle of the cluster). Position the cage between two frames, so that the candy end points up and the screen is not blocked. Squeeze the frames around the cage to firmly suspend it, any damage to the comb will be repaired by the bees when the cage is removed. Make sure the hole at the candy end is not blocked.

The bees in your colony will chew through the candy and release the queen within a few days. The colony should be disturbed as little as possible for the next two weeks while the queen establishes her brood nest.